Stratus are constantly researching the latest technologies for potential use in the homes for which we design.

However we rarely adopt a new technology or innovation until it has matured, as we don’t use our clients as “guinea pigs” or “beta-testers” of the latest device or standard.  This is despite our enthusiasm to embrace what is new.

Our technology partners represent the very best in their respective fields, and over the years Stratus has acquired the skills and professional accreditations to be the approved installers of these brands and technology solutions.

Stratus Integrated Systems are a proud member of the C-Bus pointOne group, providing our clients lighting, energy and communications solutions using the vast array of Clipsal technologies, including Clipsal’s world-renowned C-Bus home automation & energy-management technology.

C-Bus pointOne is a group of specialist systems integration companies who have the technical knowledge and practical experience of a whole range of complementary technologies to enhance the functionality of new homes.  C-Bus pointOne members make residential lighting control, energy management, automation and systems integration an easier process for the new home owner.

Stratus is a member of CEDIA, the international industry body that provides training, accreditation and recognition for its members.  This ensures that they have the necessary skills to deliver the highest quality and consistent level of work for their clients.

Power Points

Consider the location of power points for all of lifes myriad appliances and gadgets; the best first step is
to decide on a furniture layout for your home.  This will determine the location of many power point locations.

Dedicated power

Can your pool pump be connected to a cheaper tariff; will you install
garden lighting, irrigation or an electric gate in the future?

Intelligent power

Why should the power to the iron remain on if the family has gone out for the evening?  Why can't the action of arming the alarm system kill the power to that particular wall power point?  Stratus has whole-house power solutions to intelligently manage power in the house, for safety and cost savings.


General purpose LED lighting

A selection of LED lighting for your home for general purpose, ambient and security purposes is an essential addition to the modern home.  The days of energy sapping, fire-risk globes are long past.  At Stratus we specify lighting products from some of the world's leading manufacturers, where maximum performance for minimum energy expenditure is essential.

Decorative & pendant lighting

Let your decor influence your choice of decorative and pendant lighting.  Create atmosphere and improve functional work areas with a well-chosen product from the range offered by Stratus and its suppliers. 

Intelligent lighting

A lighting control system allows for the creation of an Arrival or Entertaining scene, where your home is lit in just the right way to highlight unique architectural detail or to impress your guests.  Perhaps a Vacation mode, where lights come on at random or scheduled times to make the house looked lived in rather than vacant.

Stratus have intelligent lighting solutions from Clipsal C-Bus, Schneider's world leading lighting & energy management system.


Computers & smart devices

Ensuring your home has a structured cabling system to allow the National Broadband Network in to deliver ultra high definition television, make video telephone calls through your smart TV, and to surf the rich-content laden internet of the 21st century - Stratus have solutions to ensure your home can keep up with the Jetsons!


Alarm systems, camera surveillance, access control

From alarm systems that can notify you or your monitoring company of a breach, to live internet streaming of the cameras mounted in and around your house, to key fob and key pad deadlocks for door & gate ingress - Stratus engineer and implement commercial-grade solutions for our residential clients.


Audio Visual Systems

From packaged background music systems that let you stream music from your smartphone to discreet ceiling loudspeakers, to THX standard home theatre - Stratus deliver tailored solutions using the latest technology and with an ear and eye for the highest fidelity and resolution.


Home Integration

Stratus take a holistic approach to the control of essential services in your home, and seek to unify these disparate services into a whole, integrated system.  Your smartphone or tablet is your window to the direct control and scheduling of lighting, power, climate and motor control.   It can respond to security events, and Stratus integrated systems let you control and manage whats important in the safe and efficient operation of the home.

Our systems also allow provide you the homeowner with important energy management data, letting you decide for instance, if a sudden drop in temperature will require an extra blanket for your child tonight, or if the family needs to rethink how long they spend in the shower each morning.