Since 2004, Metricon Home Queensland have partnered with Stratus to provide a
unique technology design service.  The lighting, power, communications, security, audiovisual
and other specialist needs of your home are met at the Stratus Electrical Selection appointment.

To best prepare for this appointment, we encourage you to spend an evening with your plan and
with a pen, indicate your preferred lighting layout and anything in particular you need.

The appointment time is typically two hours, and we have found over the years that customers who
spend a little time preparing are able to most quickly & efficiently finish their appointment on the day.

Consider your furniture layout.  Deciding how beds are to be positioned, where a dining table
will go or how a lounge will be oriented toward a television.  This knowledge provides the
Stratus consultant with a headstart in the placement of power points, task and ambient
lighting, and many other factors relevant to how you will live and enjoy your home.  

We encourage you to discuss setting a budget allowance for your electrical requirements with
us your Metricon sales consultant before your appointment,  We also welcome you to look at
the Technology Packages and Lighting Selections links below to assist your decision making.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have before your
appointment, or for more specific information on anything you may have read on this site.